"Listening is most important for musicians and students because it helps them build a repository of sounds in their mind which they can unlock while improvising their own music"


“Through learning to sing, you connect with the instrument  at a deeper level and it is not just about the physicality of playing an insturment any more. Most demanding forms of art music expect you to sing - the voice offers a direct connect between the mind and body"

To be a musician and performer is one thing, but to be an efficient and inspiring educator is another thing altogether. A passionate teacher, Vishnu has the disticintion of not only winning hearts of audiences through his musicianship, but also inspiring and educating students world-over through his effortless and clear communication, in-depth study of music and education, and composed demeanour.


With students ranging from age 6 - 60 years of age, from India, USA, London and New Zealand, Vishnu is able to communicate across a wide spectrum of musicality and interests, such as Indian Classical Music and Rhythm, Western Harmony and Performance and Composition. He is a distinction holder in Western Classical Guitar performance from the Trinity College of London.


Vishnu is also currently the faculty of Music at 'Mahindra World School, Chennai' for the Life Art Education program run by 'eAmbalam, the World's First Online College of Indian Performing Arts' (www.eambalam.com and www.lifeart.education).