“Art truly defines the way you live. Music is the greatest example that reflects extraordinary individuality and expression, and yet shows us how interconnected our minds and hearts really are… to accept this is to be humble…"
  • Volunteered and taught Music to underprivileged adolescents through 'Youth Empowerment Seminar' organized by Art of Living Foundation.


  • Performed and taught Music to terminally ill patients and children at the Cancer Institute, Chennai.


  • Performed for HIV-AIDS affected orphaned children.


  • Performed and organized concert for 'JUSTICE ROCKS', a movement against the mercury-poisoning in Kodaikanal.


  • Performed and volunteered for 'URUR OLCOTT MARGAZHI VIZHA', a festival that celebrates Oneness by bringing Arts to the under-privileged Fisherman Villages in Chennai.


  • Faculty of Music at Mahindra World School, through the Life Art Education program by eAmbalam, bringing traditional arts to schools.


I love to observe life around me! Sounds, nature, travel and relationships have shaped me as a person and have had a direct influence on my music. But the beauty lies in reciprocity - I enjoy sharing music and conversation with friends, students, artists and audiences from world-over. 


Unless a mutual space is created between you and the world, the connect or the emotional pull towards the music cannot be felt. So to create that experience, both the artist and the audience play a very important role.


I believe that the core of every individual is the same, irrespective of caste, colour and nationality and only when music transcends this, can it create real transformation… to create this radical, permanent change through music is something I strive for!