VISHNU R is a guitarist, composer and inventor known for his strikingly original music with 'Vishnu R Collective'. He is the inventor of NAVTAR™ - a one-of-a-kind instrument in the world allowing for the the best of Indian microtonal and Western harmonic music simultaneously. Hailing from an artistic family, Vishnu is one of the few guitarists today, with a superlative command over Indian Classical and Modern Jazz aesthetics. An accomplished and trained Guitarist, Vocalist and Percussionist (Khanjira) all rolled into one, Vishnu's cross-cultural explorations within the realm of Carnatic and Jazz music has gained him international attention, with performance opportunities across India, Europe and USA. He is a Grade 8 distinction holder in Western Classical Guitar performance from the Trinity College of London.


Vishnu has collaborated with some of the most distinguished names names in music such as Padma Vibhushan Umayalpuram Sivaraman, violinist A.Kanyakumari, Ghatam Suresh, B.Vijayagopal, Karthick Iyer, Maarten Visser, Jeoraj George, Denis Stern (Italy), Ueli Gasser (Switzerland), Oliver Fox (Germany, Sax), Matteo Capreoli (Germany), Ricardo Passos (Brazil), Pascal Lovergne (France), Steve Zerlin (USA), and Ayman Boujlida (Tunisia, Drums), to name a few.


Vishnu has been awarded the Pogo Amazing Musician award in 2010 for his efforts. Vishnu has also played guitars for numerous Tamil Films and albums.